Global Innovator & Fresh Thinking Facilitator

Celia Gates; the Whether Woman, is an energizing and inspirational consultant, speaker and transformational trainer of innovation, entrepreneurship and constructive group culture.  She is the founder of the Global Brainstorm and the creator of a compelling way to think outside the box – the Whether System™.

Award winning designer, inventor and author, Celia is creating innovative advances and constructive changes by disrupting traditional thinking.  Her clear communication and fresh thinking tools add to mindsets, boost performance and benefit mental wellbeing.  Reports from past Global Brainstorms appear as accurate projections; Whether Forecasts, of what happens. Called the biggest upgrade to systemic thinking since the Ancient Greeks by the Athens and Macedonian Press agency, these live, group interactions deliver interesting results.

Celia will tailor her talk.

If your event is focused on a specific subject or you’re facing a group challenge, Celia can facilitate fresh thinking or host a group brainstorm leaving you with added insight and a map of the group mind – an excellent after-event Social Media share.

Openly relating entrepreneurial adventures.

Celia’s story sees her ski through a male-dominated Industrial Design degree, build business acumen abroad before bringing designs for ergonomic cookware back to the UK to be awarded British Consumer Invention of the year.  Developing ‘Doctor Cook’ led to the penning of her success being published as part of the Financial Times series under the title ‘From Brainwave to Business’ - shortlisted by the CMI for Innovation and Entrepreneurship book of the year.  Her latest book ‘Energizing Fresh Thinking’ guides readers through some of her critical and creative thinking methods, including the Whether System™.  Copies can be made available to your audience, if appropriate.


Animating success strategies and importantly, sharing short-fallings; the pitfalls to avoid, Celia draws examples from her own experiences whilst delivering your objectives to energize and inspire an audience.

  • The Whether System™ energizing fresh thinking for smart decision making.
  • Success Cycles, Happiness Wheels and the power of your imagination.
  • The 5-step MINDS method to constructive cultural evolution.
  • Innovative leadership; creating constructive cultures and climates.
  • Getting confident with the unknown, knowing how to navigate.
  • Innovation Generation – bringing ideas to market.
  • Women-in-Business – the brutal bits and how to be ‘in your energy’ anyway.
  • Think & Grow – a transformative workshop.

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Celia spoke at the Chartered Directors Seminar, IoD London

"A huge 'thank you' for your presentation and engagement with our audience.  This was a really compelling story and I could see how much your thoughts resonated with the audience. Inspirational to say the least, and I cannot thank you enough - everyone really enjoyed your presentation and the views that you contributed to the plenary...  Thank you also for networking with our Chartered Directors at the end of the day - they really appreciated it and learned much. Thank you also for your patience with us and for delivering what was exceptional." 

Celia spoke at the South Asian Women Development Forum, Kathmandu Nepal

“Thank you for your wonderful words to me and the audience, who heard you at the summit. I do not know if you are aware about your views, which was out in the national paper-"innovation, credibility and connection solve current challenges". The national paper is the most widely read paper in Nepal so, you touched the thoughts of many readers as well as inspiring the women who attended!”

Celia conducted a series of workshops at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Istanbul

“Celia facilitated a series of brainstorms with members from 117 countries, in Istanbul, for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2018.  Her smart techniques, boundless energy and inspiring nature brought conflicting parties to consensus, motivated members to think more broadly and delivered a clear collective strategy, our movement is now building on.  I thoroughly recommend Celia, her authentic presence, practical communication tools and approach to ‘energizing fresh thinking’ as a speaker or facilitator at any event intending to deliver change.”